PPTP_GUI is simply a graphical interface to the existing PPTP Client for Linux, FreeBSD, & NetBSD.  
  This was a way to connect to my VPN at a much faster overall rate than pptp-command was allowing me. PPTP _GUI, however, is not able to configure tunnels. pptp-command is still needed for that, unless you do it manually.  
  Also: PPTP_GUI project page at Sourceforge  
  Main connection window  
  pptp_gui-0.06.1_src.tar.gz ( 27 KB )  
  pptp_gui-0.06.1_bin.tar.gz ( 44.6 KB )  
Getting Started
  Source download:  
  J2SDK 1.4.0 or higher is required.  
  Compile your usual way. I used Ant 1.5, although I can't see why previous versions wouldn't work. (Correct me if I'm wrong, please.) Once you have your binaries, continue with the installation as is instructed in the Binaries section...  
  Binary download:  
  JRE 1.4.0 or higher is required.  
  Fortunately or otherwise, using this gui will require a user to be setup with sudo. The user will need to be configured to use the following executables: pptp, route, and killall. To edit the sudoers file, type 'visudo'. Enter the following lines (make certain the paths are correct):  
  Cmnd_Alias PPTP=/usr/sbin/pptp,/sbin/route,/usr/bin/killall  
  username ALL=NOPASSWD:PPTP  
  Type: "java -jar PPTP_GUI.jar" (provided you're running it from the jarfile)  
  I've created this on a RedHat system, so the default paths for external executables point to a RedHat's setup. If you need to change them, run the program & click the Settings button.  
  Please direct all questions or bug reports to : Gregory Kaczmarczyk  
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